Spit Swap: Welcoming Submissions for “Fall” Stories/Photographs

Spit Swap: Welcoming Submissions for “Fall” Stories/Photographs

Today marks the official start of Autumn, and your first chance to submit stories/photographs in honor of this most melancholic of seasons…

Sometimes I wonder if declaring autumn my favorite time of year means that there’s something wrong with me. That the season in which nature dries, hibernates, migrates, and/or dies, could be the time of year that I look forward to more than any other. 

Or does it simply mean that I find something invigorating in the coming crispness of breath? Comfort in the weight of extra and sometimes-scratchy-with-wool layers? Peaceful in the early passing of day to night?

As fall creeps ever closer, I’m inspired by what is to come with it. And that’s where YOU come in. 


From now through October 4th, we will be accepting submissions — both written and visual — inspired by fall.

Fall could mean autumn, fall could mean taking a spill, fall could mean succumbing to love… you choose!

We’re letting you define this four-letter word, through a story (any format, max 250 words)

OR photograph (preferably horizontal format, minimum 800 pixels wide).

A select few Home Office staff will choose their favorite from both categories, which will then appear together on our blog.

Oh, we’ll also be awarding each winner a $250 FP gift card, if that piques your interest?


Send your submission to: blog@freepeople.com, and best of luck to you. XO

Open to residents of the United States only. Entries valid through 11:59pm EST October 4th.

Lead image by Louie Kovatch.


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