SaturDIY: Autumnal Aromatherapy Mist

SaturDIY: Autumnal Aromatherapy Mist

Our friend Madisyn Fecko is obsessed with everything fall, and that includes making her home smell just as cozy. 

My partner laughs at me because, when he walks downstairs each morning for his caffeine fix, he also usually finds 13 candles lit, along with me shimmying around, spritzing my essential oils.

I’ve been playing around with the idea of batching my favorite scents, reserving some for a spray bottle to use around the house. It’s a good way to be both economical and friendly to Mother Earth. So, let me introduce you to a fall-inspired aromatherapy mist that I’m whipping up this season.

For facial and body aromatherapy sprays, I suggest limiting the number of essential oil drops you use, as it may be too strong for your skin and too overwhelming a scent. This recipe is for room spray — highly concentrated — so keep that in mind when misting. If you like the scent, and want to spray it on yourself, simply cut the number of your oil drops in half.

Autumnal Aromatherapy Mist

I won’t offer up exact measurements because I want to promote reusing glass bottles already in your possession, so size matters! Today, I’m reusing an old perfume bottle, a mask jar, and a plant mister.


Witch hazel

Purified water

Organic sweet orange oil

Organic ginger oil

Organic patchouli oil

Spray bottle



When shopping for oils, try heading to your local co-op — there you can often find high-quality organic oils while supporting your local retail community. For this blend, I aimed for something both crisp and warming. The scent of mornings in the fall, relaxing yet awakening. Ginger is warm but is also punchy, and really brightens up the earthy smell of patchouli. Ginger oil is considered energizing and uplifting, which provides the crispness I sought. Sweet orange oil acts as a great alternative to adding fruit to simmer pots. And Patchouli, because when mixed with other oils, can become quite sophisticated and balancing. It’s a great base note that acts as a fixative and grounds many blends.

I chose to use a glass bottle with a brass sprayer to eliminate the possibility of chemical-laden plastics touching my blend.

Start by filling your spray bottle with water. I used 2 oz of purified water with a tablespoon of witch hazel (to better hold the scent), and 25 drops of essential oil. Depending on the size of your recycled bottle, feel free to play around with the number and types of drops. I used 10 drops of patchouli, 10 drops of sweet orange, and 5 drops of ginger. But adding your oils is the fun part — use as little or as much as you want!

Helpful Mist Recipe Tips

I always record how much water vs. oil I used, so that if I love the blend I can always recreate it. 

Make sure to shake the bottle before each spray — remember, water + oil don’t mix! 

If you have a label maker, place labels on your bottles and jars! It will keep your recycled jars organized and looking cool!

If you love your scent (like I do), fill a separate jar of only your oils. In mine I poured a bottle of patchouli, half a bottle of sweet orange, and a quarter bottle of ginger, and labeled it “Aromatherapy.” That way I can add it to my water sprayer whenever I’m getting low.

+ Comment below with questions or other blend recipes! I’d love to know if you make a mist and what you used!

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