“Home” Office Style with Jenna

“Home” Office Style with Jenna

“Home” Office Style with Jenna

As we all embark on a “new normal”, here’s a peek into the home office life of FP’s Graphic Designer Jenna. 

How long have you been with Free People?
2 years!

Three things you are grateful for:
Flowers, sunlight and family.

Something you are doing now that never had time to do before?
Spending more time writing in my journal.

How has your style changed? What’s been your go-to wardrobe?
Alternating sweatpants with an occasional at-home date night dress up.

Happy song / song that makes you dance?
Freaking Out by Arizona.

Favorite activity to give your mind a little TLC:
A face mask/Facetime with my best friend.

Currently in your FP shopping cart:

Culver City Set in Linseed

Super Scrunchie

Summer State of Mind Set

Square Neck Good Karma Bra & High Rise Good Karma Leggings both in Rainforest

All Yours Cardi in Frosted Fern

Jenna is staying cozy in the Bonfire Cardi

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